Doodle Jump for Windows Phone 8 1.0.0 XAP (Windows Phone)

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  • Added: 09/12/2013
  • Size: 0 B
  • License: Full Version
  • Language: English
  • Developer: Lima Sky
  • Os Support: Windows Phone 8
  • Pros
    Totally addictive
    Simple controls
    Funny characters
  • Cons
    Not integrated with Xbox Live



Doodle Jump is a simple and addictive game in which your goal is to jump higher and higher.

You'll have to get over the platforms and fly as high as possible as a cute alien. On the way you'll encounter both obstacles and helping hands that will accelerate - or delay - your ascent to the heights.

The handling is very simple: moving the phone left and right will steer the flight of your little green man, and with a touch of the screen, you shoot.

A total classic, and now available for Windows Phone 8.

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