MD2Viewer 1.0 1.0 XAP (Windows Phone)

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  • Added: 07/08/2014
  • Price: Free
  • Language: English
  • Developer: Blaise Tine
  • Os Support: Windows Mobile OS App



Quake2 Models Viewer


Writting 3D applications for Pocket PC's and SmartPhones is challenging because of the limitation of device resources ( slow CPU speed, small memory, limited battery life,low display resolution, and limited API's). The MD2 file format was first introduced in Quake 2 games. This format has a very efficient structure which makes it possible to load models on low end computers as well as mobile devices.

MD2Viewer was designed using Coco3D graphics library. The application enables the loading and animation of md2 models. The application comes with a sample md2 model. You can download additional models from the PlanetQuake


MD2Viewer is easy to use. The setup package contains 4 files (MD2Viewer.exe, font.bmp, model.md2 and model.bmp). All the files should be in the same directory for the application to work. You add more models to your list by simply dropping them in the application folder. The model bitmap texture should be a bitmap and should have the same name as the model file.

The following keys are supported:�

  • UP/DOWN: Navigate between loaded models
  • LEFT/RIGHT: Rotate the model around the y axis
  • ENTER: Change the model animation
  • ESC: Terminate the application


  • Models Animation.
  • Viewport Rotation.
  • Frame rate display.
  • Multiple models Support.


Blaise Tine

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