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Sports Apps XAP

Cross Court Tennis 2 XAP Version :
Cross Court Tennis 2
  • Added: 12/27/2013

Cross Court Tennis 2 has been tested by Softonic, but it still doesn't have a review in English.

Tiger Woods 12 XAP Version :
Tiger Woods 12
  • Added: 12/15/2013

Tackle the PGA Tour with Tiger and friends

Tiger Woods 12 XAP Version : (Nokia Lumia)
Tiger Woods 12
  • Added: 07/17/2013

Tackle the PGA Tour with Tiger and friends

FIFA 13 XAP Version : (Nokia Lumia)
  • Added: 07/17/2013

Realistic soccer action comes to Windows Phone

BroomBots3D XAP Version :
  • Added: 02/21/2013

What happens when your standard broom pushing janitor ‘bots decide to have a little fun in the rink after hours? Wild 3D BroomBot hockey action of course!

RetroPong XAP Version :
  • Added: 02/21/2013

Experience the classic Pong in its original form against the computer or another player.

Intergalactic Football XAP Version :
Intergalactic Football
  • Added: 02/18/2013

Get ready for the ultimate challenge! Enter the world of Intergalatic Football and fight for the Galaxy Cup!

Darts XAP Version :
  • Added: 02/15/2013

Fun game of darts. See if you can get a bulls eye!

Basket+ XAP Version :
  • Added: 02/10/2013

Basket+ is an addictive ball game, the funny part in this game is that you can throw different balls on different courts. Check out which ball and court suits you most.

Curling3D XAP Version :
  • Added: 02/02/2013

Are you a curling fan? Then try this Ultra-Realistic, 3D, Curling Simulation Game. You’re not a curling fan? Try Curling3D anyway and you’ll fall in love with curling and...

Shuffle Party XAP Version :
Shuffle Party
  • Added: 01/26/2013

Shuffleboard bowling has come to your Windows Phone with exciting new game modes! Shuffle Bowl provides the traditional bowling experience with beautiful 3D environments and...

Air Hockey Supreme Free XAP Version :
Air Hockey Supreme Free
  • Added: 01/22/2013

The best! Highly realistic air hockey action for one or two players.

Street Hockey XAP Version :
Street Hockey
  • Added: 01/19/2013

Street Hockey is a crazy and fun way to play the sport! Use all your might and swing as high and fast as you can to send the ball zooming past the lush scenery!

AIR HOCKEY(Avantmotion Ltd) XAP Version :
AIR HOCKEY(Avantmotion Ltd)
  • Added: 01/05/2013

AIR HOCKEY by Avantmotion features vibrant graphics, realistic physics, absolutely smooth gameplay and pleasant audio effects.

Extreme Skiing XAP Version :
Extreme Skiing
  • Added: 12/26/2012

Ski down the mountain and escape the Yeti!!

Bowling XX XAP Version :
Bowling XX
  • Added: 12/17/2012

Bowling XX is a 3D 10-pin bowling game on Windows Phone 7. Players can bowl with 2 different controls by drawing a path and swinging the phone.

Krashlander XAP Version :
  • Added: 12/15/2012

This is a physics powered game with epic crashes. You are Krashlander. Armed with only your krash-suit and a pair of skis, it is your mission to blast down snowy mountains,...

Pocket Golf Lite XAP Version :
Pocket Golf Lite
  • Added: 12/11/2012

Out of this world golfing action! Play through ice worlds, lush rolling hills, and many more fantastic landscapes! Test your skill on carefully crafted golf courses, and earn...

Premium Pool XAP Version :
Premium Pool
  • Added: 12/06/2012

Premium Pool presents the ultimate pool game with smooth touch screen controls, stunning 3D graphics and real life sound effects.

Throw it XAP Version :
Throw it
  • Added: 11/30/2012

This is a game of throwing darts at a target. Enjoy the game for free.

RookieRace XAP Version :
  • Added: 11/27/2012

Defeat your opponent and be the best runner in the world!

Billiard XAP Version :
  • Added: 11/23/2012

A Free style billiard game.

Alpine Ski II XAP Version :
Alpine Ski II
  • Added: 11/21/2012

A simple yet addictive 3D Ski game with global leaderboards!

Pro Pool 3D XAP Version :
Pro Pool 3D
  • Added: 11/21/2012

Finally a Pool Game with 3D Graphics, Single- and Multiplayer, 8 - and 9-Ball, classic and new Controls, and all that for free.

AE Skee Ball XAP Version :
AE Skee Ball
  • Added: 11/19/2012

AE Skee Ball here! Bring the fun of the boardwalk to the palm of your hand with 3D graphics.

Finish'em XAP Version :
  • Added: 11/17/2012

Finish'em is a Boxing Game on Windowsphone 7 you can play with phone and check your punch strength , just grab your phone , Ring the bell and start punching , and let the phone...

Basketball XAP Version :
  • Added: 11/17/2012

Wow! So addictive and thrilling!The best basketball for windows phone here!

T-10 Cricket Game XAP Version :
T-10 Cricket Game
  • Added: 11/17/2012

T10 (Ten Ten) cricket is a unique 3D cricket game that gives you extensive control of the bat so you can play a wide variety of shots to chase down the target set for you.

Larry Birds Basket Pro XAP Version :
Larry Birds Basket Pro
  • Added: 11/17/2012

The first and only Olympic basketball game. Fight with the best teams in the world for Olympic gold medal.

Pool Pro Online 3 XAP Version :
Pool Pro Online 3
  • Added: 11/17/2012

View online lobbies of available players then hustle your way online through 8 Ball, 9 Ball and Snooker games. Play head-to-head while chatting with opponents in real-time, or...