Viber XAP (Windows Phone)

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  • Added: 07/11/2012
  • Size: 0 B
  • License: Free
  • Language: English
  • Developer: Viber Media
  • Os Support: Windows Phone 7
  • Pros
    Easy to set up and use
    Automatically alerts you to new messages
    Elegant conversation interface
  • Cons
    No voice calling
    Doesn't sync well with contacts

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Viber helps you cut the cost of your phone bill by allowing you to send free text messages from your Windows Phone.

Using Viber, you can connect with your friends from your contact list who already have the app installed. You can send them messages for free using the app, and receive push notifications that alert you when you've been sent a message from someone.

This beta version of Viber for Windows Phone has much less functionality than the iOS and Android versions of the app. The main feature that it lacks is voice calling - which is the signature function of the app on other mobile platforms. The developer does assure us that free voice calls will be added to the Windows Phone version of Viber soon.

Since this is a beta release of Viber, there are some things that don't work well in the app. It doesn't seem to sync with your phone's contacts list, for example. Also, it can take some time for messages to arrive on occasions.

Viber for Windows Phone looks great and is easy to use thanks to its familiar threaded conversation view. There are a few settings you can play around with, including toggling push notifications, location services and landscape mode.

It's also possible to attach photos to your Viber messages. Unlike WhatsApp though, you can't send video and audio, nor share your location or contacts.

Viber will be a lot more useful when free calling is added to it. For now, the limitations of this beta mean you're still better off using WhatsApp for free text messaging.

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